Excel Pay Rate and Downtime Cost Calculation

Excel Pay Rate and Downtime Cost Calculation

Excel Pay Rate and Downtime Cost Calculation video demonstration will help you to calculate the payment by hour In Excel.

In this video demonstration, we have also covered how to calculate the cost of downtime during system outages when you are aware of the cost incurred per minute.

We are also briefly covered how to calculate the cost to company based on the hourly rate. In the CTC section, we have tried to cover how to calculate the weekly and yearly rate based on the hourly rate.

Video Demonstration

Downtime Cost & Pay Rate Calculation

Click on the following button to download the file used in the demo to practice along with us.

We also included the reverse method that is when you have the annual amount, you can calculate the weekly in hourly rate research in your organization. In case you get stuck, write your questions below in the comments section, and I will be happy to help you.

I hope that you’re enjoying learning Excel through this Excel learning series with Syed. I request you to share these videos with anyone who desires to learn Excel from scratch.

Excel Learning Series – TOC

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  2. Excel 2016 Difference Between Formulas and Functions
  3. Excel 2016 Copy Formulas or Functions
  4. Microsoft Excel Auto Fill
  5. Excel 2016 Manage Views using Freeze Panes
  6. Microsoft Excel – Saving Workbooks
  7. Excel Upper and Lower Text Functions
  8. Excel 2016 – Text Function – Proper
  9. Excel Text Functions – Trim Function
  10. Excel – Text Function Left Function
  11. Excel Text Function – Right Function
  12. Excel Text Functions – MID Function
  13. Excel Concatenate Text Function
  14. Excel Nested Functions
  15. Excel Search Function
  16. Excel – Calculate Age using Date Function Today
  17. Calculate Tenure in Excel with Days Function
  18. Autofill Dates in Excel
  19. Formatting Dates in Excel
  20. Excel Date Format Shortcut
  21. Calculating Sum of Time in Excel
  22. Calculate Expiry Date in Excel 2016 – EDATE
  23. Find Age or Tenure using DATEDIF in Excel 2016
  24. RandBetween – Generate Random Dates in Excel 2016
  25. Excel Weekday Function
  26. Excel WeekNum and ISOWeekNum Functions
  27. Excel Networkdays and Excel Networkdays.INTL
  28. Excel Workday and Workdays INTL Functions
  30. Calculate Time Difference in Excel
  31. Calculate Quarter in Excel
  32. Rounding Day, Hour and Minutes in Excel
  33. Excel Pay Rate and Downtime Cost Calculation
  34. Excel Logical Functions IF, AND, OR
  35. Calculate Bonus in Excel Using IF Function

We hope you find this article/Demonstration useful. In case you are stuck and or need help, feel free to drop a comment below or submit your question. Do share it further and add your feedback about the article in the comments section.


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