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Overview of Unsplash Awards

The most awaiting yearly open source photography competition is here. Unsplash brings you a splash of ten vibrant categories to compete for Unsplash Photography Awards.

Celebrating the best of open photography

The Unsplash Awards will be lauded for a month-long [Open October 8th — October 31th, 2019], recognizing the influential impact that contributors of Unsplash have made through their generosity and artistry. The contributors are among the noblest of their kind who freely gift their work and creativity, helping to make the internet a more beautiful place.

Nominate Me 🙂

Unsplash Account Link: https://unsplash.com/@syhussaini

10 Photography Categories to Compete

Enter your photography into ten different categories brought to you by Unsplash to showcase the best of your skills.

Ranging from the finest of Street Photography to the newly added Minimalism category, it allows you to unleash your skills. Unsplash has onboarded amazing guest judges to select the featured photos for each type. Let us discuss each category briefly below this line.


This category challenges us to incorporate unlikely textures, experiment with new formats, and reevaluate how we look at the world around us.

Photo by Aiony Haust (2018 Finalist)

Current Events

This category covers the latest important events and movements from around the world—from political protests to pride celebrations.

Photo by Johanna Buguet (2018 Finalist)

Earth & Space

From stunning seascapes, wildlife captures, and the tiny details of nature to critical issues such as climate change, this category celebrates our planet, and beyond.

Photo by Mat Reding (2018 Select)

Food & Wellness

Celebrating mind, body, and soul with this category showcases everything from decadent baked goods and exercise shots to healing practices such as meditation and yoga.

Photo by Nicole Honeywill (2018 Finalist)

Interiors & Architecture

Photography of human-made spaces both inside and out, this category encompasses everything from sweeping perspectives to slick workspace shots.

Photo by Simone Hutsch (2018 Finalist)


Keeping it simple is often easier said than done. This category challenges you to craft a visual narrative with minimalism in mind and watch as a new perspective unfolds.

Photo by MAURIZIO VELE (2018 Finalist)

Mobile Photography

Ditch your cameras, your lenses, your editing software, and focus on the creativity you can harness with your smartphone. Submit photos shot on iPhone, Android, Flip, and you name it.

Photo by Ludovic Fremondiere (2017 Finalist)

People & Diversity

People captured. We welcome submissions with subjects of all ages and ethnicities, from candid portraits to styled wedding shoots.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao (2018 Finalist)

Product & Brands

From commercial shots to editorial images, this category celebrates the very best of product photography.

Photo by Lucas Ortiz (2018 Finalist)

Street Photography

From early morning commutes, neon-tinted nights, and everything in-between, this category encompasses street photography in every form.

Photo by Andre Benz (2018 Finalist)

Unsplash Community

This special category recognizes key Unsplash contributors for their involvement in the community throughout the year—from creating inspiring collections to giving others feedback on their photography.

Photo by Chang Duong

Join the Unsplash Awards

Photo by Mickael Tournier (2018 Finalist)

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