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Free cloud based help desk Overview

Cloud based helpdesk software can help you organize all your support requests from either customers or internal teams into proper tickets or incidents. Helpdesk is an application that will help you to manage your IT, Customer Support and other internal issues efficiently. When choosing a free cloud based help desk for your organization always ensure to check the features and options, you will find in the free online help desk ticketing system.

Help desk support software free! may sound mouthwatering to you; however, you need to carefully consider reviewing a list of options before you make your decision to use it. There are plenty of free it help desk ticketing software in the market that would help you get the job done. We will carefully review some of them for you in this article to help you understand what is going to be the best free cloud help desk software for your business.


ManageEngine also referred as “ServiceDesk Plus” is the most flexible enterprise IT management help desk solution. ManageEngine is designed to work for a wide range of businesses ranging from small, medium to large Enterprises.

Free Cloud Based Help Desk

With more than 90 type of tools inside their web based ticketing system, ManageEngine is one of the most versatile helpdesk software to handle IT operations ranging from applications, desktops, hardware, Active Directory, Servers, intranet, networks, PDA or smartphones and much more.

ManageEngine is completely ITIL ready and carries large features of ITIL framework. Here are the highlights of ITIL features that you can find in ManageEngine:

  • ITIL incident management
  • ITIL service catalog
  • ITIL change management
  • ITIL problem management
  • Project management

Manage engine also holds excellent features of a helpdesk application such as knowledge base, Self-service portal, Service level agreements, Automatic ticket dispatch, Helpdesk notifications, Helpdesk reports, Mobile apps and much more.

ManageEngine is a free web based help desk software which has two different plans. The first plan is for cloud based help desk software, and the other one is on-premises help desk software.

ManageEngine serves as a free cloud based help desk and also serves as a free web based help desk software on-premises, for the same amount of users under a standard plan as listed below.

  • Two Agents and 250 nodes
  • Five Agents and 500 nodes

Exceeding the number of users or nodes will require a paid plan. The moment you shift to a paid plan, all your existing free users will switch into paid users and hence with even one additional user while in a free plan of 5 agents, you will end up paying for six agents.

More information about different plans and packages is listed here


ZOHO Desk is another futuristic free cloud based help desk software. This Online ticketing software is brought to you by Zoho Corporation and is free to use for up to 3 agents. 

Free Cloud Based Help Desk

Some of the great features of Zoho desk makes it more unique and incredibly useful free it help desk ticketing software.

Context-aware features for agents, managers, and clients make Zoho desk a unique platform and a robust free web based help desk software.

ZOHO Desk Context-aware features for agents

Organize your ticketing system and help your agents to focus on the tickets that require your attention right now. By looking at the customers’ history of interaction, you will have more control and clarity about the current issue and would be able to handle it more efficiently using this one of the best cloud based helpdesk.

Responding to customers with ZOHO Desk is a breeze, I am personally using Zoho desk and find it incredibly easy to update fields, responses or even include a solution from the knowledge base. To gain more power on responding and handling tickets like a pro you can collaborate with your colleagues by tagging them in the tickets, asking them questions, giving them responses, all in a matter of seconds.

ZOHO Desk Context-aware features for managers

Using the power of ZOHO Desk Reporting dashboards, managers will be able to make more concrete decisions. With this excellent reporting system of Zoho desk, you can analyze the root cause in tight spots of any issue to drive creative Solutions.

With the help of automation, you can further enhance the web-based ticketing system by creating rules to automate most of your repetitive tasks and speed up your work. Being in the managerial position you would always want to drive more and more out of your applications, using the extend feature of Zoho helpdesk, you will have control over connecting your Zoho desk with other crucial applications.

ZOHO Desk Context-aware features for clients

Zoho desk has a knowledge base system which is incredibly powerful and will be an excellent resource for your end users. You can create a knowledge base around a wide variety of all your applications, products, solutions and much more. This knowledge base will serve as a self-service portal to your clients making them more aware and self-driven. With the help of a knowledge base solution, you will be able to handle the tickets more efficiently as this self-service portal efficiently reduces the number of tickets submitted by the users by providing them answer to most frequently asked questions or issues.

You can connect with your customers and have them through a variety of channels such as email, chat, forums, telephone, customer portal, social media, web forms and much more.

To get more insight and get started, visit this page


Freshdesk is another redefining free tech support software. This free IT help desk ticketing software is incredibly intuitive and straightforward free cloud based help desk solution. 

Free Cloud Based Help Desk

Freshdesk web-based ticketing system comes in five different packages. There are four paid plans, and one free plan (SPROUT) for unlimited agents, yes you read it right, an unlimited agents free cloud based help desk.

Some of the features of Freshdesk makes it more attractive and appealing while you are trying to decide to make use of a free online help desk ticketing system.

Freshdesk – Keep a tab on your conversations

Some of the most Incredibly useful features of Freshdesk will help you manage and categorize all your incidents in a very efficient manner. Let us discuss some of the critical elements that would help you to handle your conversations like a pro in Freshdesk, a free cloud help desk software.

Team Inbox

Team inbox will help you manage all your support tickets from various channels in one single inbox.

Manage SLA

Never lose the trust of your customer and keep up with your promises using this great feature of Freshdesk.

Identifying Agent Collision

Identify who is working on a ticket and avoid accidents my picking up the same ticket using the agent collision detection feature.

Custom Status for Tickets

Take more control of heat tickets workflow by assigning custom status messages to suit your business with the help of custom ticket status feature.


Ever heard of a macro? Use this scenario automation feature to automate repetitive tasks and speed up your work.

Canned Responses

Use the power of canned responses and let your agents used a professional piece of language by creating pre-formatted responses.

Freshdesk – Collaborate

Collaborating with peers and connecting your frequently raised issues will ensure that you all are on the same page while dealing with your tickets. With great features like team huddle, shared ownership, linked tickets and parent-child tickets, this free tech support software, Freshdesk empowers you to collaborate in an extremely professional manner while keeping it utterly simple. 

Freshdesk – Productivity Enhancement Features

Automate your repetitive tasks using the cool features such as assigning tickets automatically, assign tickets based on the available agent bandwidth, time-based-actions such as executing activities based on the amount of time that has passed since the last action. You may also use event-triggered automation feature to apply a specific action on any given ticket based on certain events. Also ensure to use the notification system to notify your clients, your agents about any developments happening in your tickets.

Freshdesk – Enhance Customer Abilities

Create a self-service portal that not only proves an excellent source of knowledge for your customers but also helps them learn and enhance the understanding of the products and services that you are offering.

Features such as automatic solution suggestions will help you reduce the number of tickets that are sent to your help desk by your customers by learning from the dynamically produced solutions while they are trying to create a ticket.

Email to Kbase feature gives your agents more power by letting their reply become a knowledge base article. And with the feedback mechanism and solution article Analytics you are further enhancing the confidence to write more an improvise day by day.

Freshdesk – Additional Features

Additionally, with significant reporting features and state of the art security and customisation capabilities, Freshdesk offers you an enterprise-grade help desk support software free! Click here to get started with Freshdesk today!


To conclude this article I will stress on one thing, while you are searching for free help desk solutions, you should carefully consider the key features of that free online helpdesk ticketing system.

Free Cloud Based Help Desk

While I may not have covered a wide range of free cloud help desk software, I will keep adding more and more free tech support software that I come across with my reviews.

If there is any cloud based helpdesk software that you are aware of which is available for free and is not listed in the article above, we request you to write the name of that help desk Software Solution in the comments of this study. We ensure you that we will study that software and bring you a detailed report on how you can make use of it for your business.

Do add your reviews and thoughts about this article in the comments section of this article.

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