Jarvish – The World’s Most Advanced Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet is one of the basic necessities while you are riding a Motorcycle. It is main purpose is to keep one of your vital organs – brain, protected in case you happen to meet with an accident while you are riding, especially at high speeds.

Have you ever wondered, what if you have everything that you need while riding a Motorcycle all in front of you and you do not have to look around for traffic or at your smartphone for any incoming calls or messages.

Well, we have Jarvish – It’s simply the smartest motorcycle helmet ever made in the history of mankind. You name the feature and it has it all.

When we first tested Jarvish, we were astonished to find so many features on it. You really do not need anything at all if you are wearing Jarvish. We thought it would be really nice to keep wearing it all the time but it’s really not practical.

Features of Jarvish Smart Helmet

  • Jarvish has a Head-up display so that means, you can basically see everything in front of you, you do not have to bend down to look even at the motorcycle console.
  • Jarvish smart helmet has a 360-degree front and rear camera, which shows you all the traffic around you. You do not have to look back to look for incoming vehicles from behind you.
  • The most used Alexa is also built-in Jarvish, so you can literally ask anything you want as long as your smartphone is connected to Jarvish and you have internet activated on your smartphone.
  • Jarvish is built using a Carbon Fiber Shell so it protects your head in case of any damage or accident.
  • Jarvish Smart Helmet has a built-in GPS Navigation so you never miss a turn while going on long bike rides.

Jarvish Smart Helmet comes in 4 models.

  • Jarvish X Tron
  • Jarvish X-AR Tron

How does Jarvish Smart Helmet work

You basically need to download the Jarvish App that is available on Android or IOS and connect the smartphone to the helmet using Bluetooth.

Once the connection is made, below is what you get.

  • Incoming calls/SMS notifications.
  • Slippery road warnings.
  • Notifications on Weather and climate changes.
  • Warning if there is any dangerous inter-section.
  • Notifies you on your speed limit and Traffic.
  • And lastly, you can view the Jarvish Smart Helmet’s status on battery, etc.

You get a wireless charging pad to charge your Jarvish Smart Helmet and you kind-of get around 6 to 4 hours of battery backup on your Smart Helmet, which we found kind of nice since we do not ride for more than 6 hours at a stretch. But the annoying thing we found is to charge it when on the go since you do not get power everywhere and that is a hassle. So if you are planning to travel to a forest or the woods, make sure you charge your Jarvish Smart Helmet whenever you get a chance.

You may get early access to Jarvish smart helmet from the below link since it is a crowd-funded project on indiegogo.

The link to get your helmet is – https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/jarvish-the-smartest-motorcycle-helmet-ever-made#/

If you happen to get one, do let us know how it feels and how useful you think it might get or any other stuff to add to the smart helmet.

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