Moon by 1-Ring

Today, we are going to review the first Smart Camera to defy Gravity.

Moon by 1-Ring

Moon by 1-Ring Review

Moon by 1-Ring is featured on Indiegogo, and you can genuinely save up to 40% when you purchase it from, but they now have their official website too,, where you can buy Moon smart camera. To be honest, it is not in the market for sale yet.

Let us start by talking about its Features.

  • Moon by 1-Ring is an All-in-One smart hub, security camera for your home, car, baby’s bed, or you name it, and you can install it there.
  • The data recorded on the Moon smart camera can be saved on your device or the cloud with an Enterprise-Grade Encryption so that even if the Moon Smart Camera is stolen, the person would not be able to use it as it is completely encrypted and can only be unlocked by the owner.
  • The Moon Smart Camera has wireless charging capability so you can even use a compatible Qi Wireless charging pad to charge your Moon Smart Camera.
  • The Moon Smart Camera can rotate a full 360 degrees without making any noise what-so-ever, and you can capture the entire area without anyone knowing of it, with simple swipes on your smartphone.
  • The Moon Smart Camera is equipped with two precision microphones, so it detects the direction of the incoming sound and rotates in that direction to capture the video.
  • Along with the two precision microphones, the Moon smart camera is also equipped with a high-quality speaker for 2-way communication.
  • The Moon Smart Camera can also be used for conference calls while you are working at home or vice-versa.
  • The Moon Smart Camera can connect to your smart home devices with Z-Wave ZigBee and Bluetooth smart built inside, plus it has a built-in Infrared to communicate to legacy home devices too. 
  • The Moon Smart Camera has smart voice recognition, so it basically alerts and notifies you when there is a dog bark or a baby crying or even a small glass break for that matter.
  • Last but not least, the Moon Smart Camera also displays you with the current temperature, humidity, light, and Co2 at the place where it is currently installed.

How cool is that?

Moon by 1-Ring Smart Camera Connectivity

  • You can connect the Moon Smart Camera on three different mostly used platforms, for now, i.e., Android, IOS, and Windows.
  • We tested and found that the Moon Smart Camera can connect with the following home security systems
    • Samsung SmartThings
    • Honeywell Security Systems
    • Apple HomeKit
    • Fibaro Home Intelligence
    • Philips Home Security Systems

The Moon Smart Camera is available in 3 different colors

  • Galactic Grey
  • Moonlight Silver
  • Star White

The Moon by 1-Ring is still under production to meet customer demands, and hence, it will take some time by the 1-Ring production unit to ship it out to you in case you need one. We recommend you checking their official website before you order one or talk to one of their customer service representatives at

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