The Marshall Stockwell II Speaker

The Marshall Stockwell II Speaker

Marshall Stockwell II is a multi-directional powerhouse speaker with a few neat tricks on top of that.

Review of the Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth Speaker

The Marshall Stockwell II is built for people traveling a lot; this compact portable speaker offers 20+ hours of playtime. It weighs only 1.4 kg, so that seems pretty light for a portable speaker with some other cool features on top of it. 

Features of the Marshall Stockwell II Speaker

  1. This is The Most Portable in their entire line-up of Bluetooth speakers. The Marshall Stockwell II is designed to be thrown in the bag and not to be worried about.
  2. The Marshall Stockwell II is made of tough stuff, and it is built with IPX 4 water-resistant, so this device can withstand splashes when accidents happen.
  3. The Marshall Stockwell II has a Multi-host functionality, so you can easily connect two Bluetooth devices at the same time but eventually have to play one after the other.
  4. The Marshall Stockwell II has Bluetooth 5.0 built in, which means that you do not have to sit beside the speaker, but you will get a range up to 30 feet away from the speaker itself.
  5. The Marshall Stockwell II has a battery indicator that shows how much power is left on the device itself, and a full charge gives you around 20 hours of playtime. 
  6. It also has a fast charge, which gives you 6 hours of playtime in 20 minutes, plus you can use Marshall Stockwell II to reverse charge your smartphone .
  7. The Marshall Stockwell II comes equipped with front and rear-facing speakers and built-in tweeters that handle high frequencies.
  8. The Marshall Stockwell II top panel has control knobs that you can use to control the Bass, Treble, and Volume, allowing you to tune the exact sound you desire.

Well, with all that in a 1.4 kg weight, we are really impressed as to what the Marshall Stockwell II can do. The Stockwell II comes in three different colors, Black, Grey, and Burgundy.

The Marshall Stockwell II is priced at $249.99, which is almost the same price as the new AirPods Pro. 

Would you like to get one, do let us know down below.

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