Joomla Sitemap XML Generator

Joomla Sitemap XML Generator

With this article, we aim to assist you to make use of Joomla Sitemap Generator. You may come across any random Joomla Sitemap Plugin, however, we would not be using any such fancy stuff for our Joomla Sitemap XML Generator. We can help you create an XML sitemap for your Joomla website if you may wondering how to do that. 

Joomla Sitemap Extension

At this point, we don’t want you to think about any Joomla Sitemap Extension. For Joomla Sitemap, we will use simple and old school techniques. This will make things a lot easier and keep the whole process simpler.

Joomla Sitemap URL

While you attempt to make a Joomla sitemap URL, you need to understand that Joomla sitemap plays a very vital role in making a big footprint on Search results for your website. With that said, let us jump right into the process of Joomla sitemap generator.

Let us start with the initial stage – What is a Joomla Sitemap…

Suppose you are developing a website, you know you will have all the information under one single file called the web.config file, the sitemap does the same thing for Joomla, it has all the information about your pages, videos, links, etc. of your Joomla website.

Once upon a time, when the internet was relatively new, these sitemaps were used to show a list of pages on the website and how they are connected with each other for a normal human being to navigate through the website efficiently. But the people working behind the World Wide Web eventually found out that Human beings are intelligent enough to browse through a website without the help of sitemaps. However, the search engines are still not that intelligent enough to figure that out.

Sitemaps are not used to tell search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc; what URL’s of your site should be ranked on the top on search results when someone is looking for particular information (if that is available on your site, of course).

We thought it would be nice to show you, how to create an XML sitemap for Joomla and how to add that sitemap which you created to the Google Search Console.

Let us start with XML Sitemap

As you know nowadays you use maps on your smartphone to search for a new location before you start your travel, Sitemap deos the same thing for the search engines, we mentioned above. Just like any normal navigation map, Sitemaps tell the search engines how and where to find the pages of your website which are important. And yes, this is essential since without indexing your website, the search engines cannot rank your content available on it. Forgot to mention, Sitemaps are written in XML.

A sample of the Sitemap looks like this.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<urlset xmlns="">

There are some pre-requisites to create a Joomla XML sitemap for your website and add it to the search engines console.

  • A live website
  • A Search engine search Console account (like a Google search console)
  • And the sitemap creation tool

How do we create Joomla Sitemap in XML

So you know by looking at the example above what a sitemap looks like, we know it is annoying at first, but you don’t have to put your brains into it since it is not created for you, its created for the search engines to index your website, so relax! And you know what, let us tell you another relaxing sentence, you have a lot of tools to create the XML sitemap for your Joomla website, our favorite is

Pretty simple to use, no hassle, just paste the link of your Joomla website on the box when you click on the above link and click on the START button. 

joomla create sitemap

It will take some time to list all your Joomla website URLs (it will also show you while it is doing that) and create the sitemap for your Joomla site.

joomla sitemap url
Joomla sitemap URL

Now, was that not easy, and you thought you would have to sit down to write the XML yourself.

xmap Joomla
Joomla Sitemap XML Generator

Moving on to the next topic – How to submit your Sitemap to a Search Engine (we are using google for an example).

After your sitemap XML is generated using our favorite tool, name it as sitemap.xml (it gets easy to understand and recognize your sitemap file, you know). If you have multiple sitemaps, we recommend you naming it as sitemap1.xml, sitemap2.xml but we leave this for you to decide as per your convenience. Allow us to list you in a step-by-step format for submitting your sitemap to our most popular Google.

  • Once you have the XML file by the name sitemap.xml, you will need to upload it to the root folder of your Joomla website.
  • You should be able to access it with something like this, for example,
  • Navigate to our Google Search Console > Sitemaps > enter the location of your sitemap, and then click on Submit.

You have now successfully created your XML sitemap for your Joomla site and submitted to

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