How to Determine the Best Email Marketing for your Business

There are some invaluable things that we generally do and miss out on recognizing it, like sending an email to your fans or followers after they have left your site. To accomplish this, you need the best email marketing service; whether you have launched a new service or published a new article/blog, your emails will give you a way to let your audience know and direct them back to your site.

Overview - Best Email Marketing for your Business

Features that you need for Email Marketing Services

There are some standard features that many platforms provide you, including creating multiple email lists and segments of subscribers, automatically letting them know about new information, and sending auto-response emails to new subscribers. As an Automated process, most email marketing services also provide you with feeds for newly published articles, a necessary feature that a lot of bloggers and content creators find.

There are different levels of Email Marketing Services in the market out there, and you will need to decide what level best suits you. The enterprise-level platform, or pure marketing service to send new blog posts to viewers or maybe just occasional newsletter updates or something in between the all.

Either way, there are many services available tailored according to your requirements.

Next Steps – Paid or Free Email Marketing Service

The primary and foremost thing that you need to determine is your budget for the type of service that you are trying to acquire. Each Email Marketing service have their own set of features with a certain price-tag on that feature, you have free ones also but you really will not have those features in a free email marketing service that you are looking for.

Some Top Email Marketing Services

  1. Constant Contact
  2. Zoho Campaigns
  3. Acyba
  4. Sendinblue
  5. Drip

Constant Contact is the most successful email marketing service for small businesses. You get a lot of customizable templates that will help you modify according to your requirements. You get options to select as per your business requirements, and it will customize and show you models that will help you level up your email marketing service. 

Constant Contact Email Marketing Service
Constant Contact Email Marketing Service

Zoho Campaigns help you create, send, and also track emails that will help you build a strong fan base. It has a pretty easy to use editor and some beautiful templates to start with. Couple of features that we would like to list here

  • You can integrate this with your Zoho CRM and send emails and view results from within your CRM
  • Autoresponder feature will let you trigger emails based on your contact’s activity.
  • You have the option to customize your connections with personalized email campaigns.
  • Zoho Campaigns works something like Google Analytics, where it will show you details of – unique clicks, how many times a fan has opened your emails and more, etc.
Zoho Campaigns Email Marketing Service
Zoho Campaigns Email Marketing Service

Acyba Email Marketing service is a Joomla & WordPress plugin, mostly common with people using Joomla CRM or WordPress to build their site/blog. Acyba is also highly customizable and very easy to use.

Acyba Email Marketing Service
Acyba Email Marketing Service

Sendinblue is also an SMS service apart from an email marketing service, its design is very simple that even a beginner can start creating email/SMS marketing campaigns without any knowledge. The thing that sets Sendinblue apart is their pricing is based on the number of emails you send, so if you happen to send fewer emails a particular month, you get to pay less. It totally depends on your usage.

Sendinblue Email Marketing Service
Sendinblue Email Marketing Service

Drip Email Marketing Service is perfect for people using an eCommerce website, who want their visitors into subscribers. You have options to customize your emails based on behaviors like first-time users, cart is abandoned, fans who liked a link on your website, etc.

Drip Email Marketing Service
Drip Email Marketing Service

Wrapping up – How to Determine the Best Email Marketing service for your Business

We discussed different types of Email marketing services and there are more if you browse the internet, we only highlighted the most famous and easy-to-use ones. However, it is your total freedom to choose which Email Marketing Service is best for you depending on the type of trade or work you do. No matter what you choose, we agree that you will make the best choice possible.

We believe you liked reading our Best Email Marketing Service article and we wish you find the right one for your needs.

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