Use Slack the effective way


In this segment, we are going to equip you with the basics and the best possible ways to use Slack effectively.

Lets first begin by – What is Slack?

Overview of Slack
Overview of Slack

In simple terms, Slack is a web-based, real-time communication tool available for systems and mobile devices. It is a secret chat and collaboration place for your team/employees.

Should your team be using Slack?

Should your team be using Slack
Should you or not?

The simple answer, we would say, is YES, please do. If you are using emails and skype for communication within the team and with your employees, then using Slack will help you and your team increase productivity.

Slack or Email?

Email Vs Slack
Email Vs Slack
  • Private channels instead of email chains.
  • You have Channel specific search.
  • Slack provided real-time integration with project management, marketing, and sales tools.

Slack – The Basics

Slack - The Basics

Let us explore some of the basics of Slack and understand the dimensions of this application in a very simple manner. Throughout the sections listed below, we will help you understand the vital elements and help you get up to speed with slack. We will cover all the vital parts briefly so that you may understand and explore it furthermore wherever necessary.

What is a Slack Workspace?

Slack workspace is a private section under your Slack communication software. If you enter Slack using a link provided by your colleague or a team-mate, you will find the name of the workspace in the top left corner.

Create a Workspace in Slack
Create a Workspace in Slack

What is a Slack Channel?

Slack channels separate information into different storehouses for different teams and topics. You can call them email chains in layman terms.

You will find all public channels in the top left corner of your interface, right under the search bar. In other terms, when you create a workspace, it will include two channels by default – #random and #general.

Slack – How to use Channels?

Channels are used to classify the communication in ways that makes sense for everyone in an organization. If you are on the right Channel, you can make the most out of Slack while communicating through it.
You have paid plans, too, where you can use more functionalities across multiple channels.

Create a Channel in Slack

Firstly, you need to be an Admin or a Full Member for creating a channel in Slack.

How to create a Channel in Slack:

  • Click on the link “Add a Channel” (right below the listed channels)
  • Or Click on the “circled plus” sign next to the “Channels” header in the Menu.
  • That opens up the Menu for creating a channel.
  • Enter the name for the desired Channel.
  • Click on Create button at the end of the page.
Create Channel in Slack
Create Channel in Slack

Now you have officially created your first Channel in Slack.

Create a Private Channel in Slack

You can also make your channels private in Slack, they will not show up in the public lists and only user(s) who are invited have access to them.

Here are the simple steps on how to create a private channel in Slack.

  • Click the Menu link
  • Fill in the desired name
  • Before you click on Create, toggle the “make private” option.
 Create a Private Channel in Slack
Create a Private Channel in Slack

How to join a Channel in Slack

How to join Channel in Slack
join a Channel in Slack

When you join a workspace, you will automatically join the default channels, the default channels in a new workspace are “General” and “Random“, so these 2 channels will appear by default when you join a workspace.

If you click on the Main Channels menu link, you can join other channels since this will allow you to access the “Browse Channels” page.

On this page, all the channels you have not joined yet and only public channels will be displayed here. Once you click on any channel, you go inside that channel in View mode and you will also have the option to join. Once you click on the Join Channel button, you should have successfully joined the channel.

How to users to Private Channel in Slack?

Here are simple steps on how toadd users to a private channel in Slack:

  • Click the Private Channel on the left side bar
  • Click on Add people to this Private Channel
  • Now click on Add to sensitive-project {your private channel name]
  • Click Continue to complete the process of adding a member to a private channel in Slack.

Invite users to a Channel in Slack

Invite Users to a Channel in Slack
Invite Users to a Channel in Slack

Remember we said, you will need to start creating workspaces and add team members inside that workspace, it will be more efficient to add the desired team members to the necessary channels you create inside that workspace. 

To add users to the channel, you will need to

  • Click the “Add people to this Channel” or “Add people to this Private Channel” link, depending on what type of channel it is that you have created
  • If it is a Private Channel, then Slack will display a warning that the new member will be able to access the complete chat history of that private channel.

Note: Remember, anyone you add in either the public or private channel will be able to view all of the channel’s content.

New members will also be able to view all of the secret’s project history, including any content that has been shared in that Channel. If you would like to create a new Channel instead, follow the below.

Always make sure, you selected the “Add new members to the existing channel” option and click on “Continue“.

Now you would be able to view the page where you can add the user(s) to the Channel.

If the channel is not private, you will be directed to the “Add people to Channel” page, once you are on that page, search for the desired team member, select them from the drop-down menu and click on Add once you find the team member.

How to convert a Public Channel to Private in Slack

Remember, only Workspace Admins/Owners can convert a public channel into a private channel in Slack. The #general channel cannot be converted to a private channel.

From your PC, do the following

  • Open the Channel that you would like to make Private.
  • Click on the gear icon in the top right corner.
  • Select Additional Options from the Menu.
  • Click on Change to Private Channel, you will not find this option if you are not the owner of the workspace as mentioned above.
  • Click Change to Private to confirm.
  • You will see a message posted on the channel to let the members know it is been converted to Private.

Conclusion on Slack

With this we come to an end of this segment, we have more to cover on Slack and there is a lot to it. If you would like us to add more on Slack, do comment below and we will be glad to post more.

Remember, we take our reader’s comments very seriously, so do not hesitate before commenting. Happy Reading!

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