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In this page, My Knowledge Portal, we are going to talk about the different types of CRM available in the market.

By now, you already know what a CRM – Customer Relationship Management is and what are the CRM’s available in the market. If you have not gone through those articles, we recommend you study them here.

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In today’s era, there is a lot of information available in the market, which will surely benefit our business. Still, it is getting harder day-by-day to remember all that information. If we talk in basic terms, look at a glance on the number of contacts you have on your smartphone, you have so many different names and so many email addresses attached to those numbers which are quite difficult for an average human being to remember all this on top of their mind apart from their personal life. 

In a business environment, you will need much more information stored apart from your customers or client’s contacts that help you grow like your customer information, what products they offer or what products or services they are interested in, who are their clients/customers, etc. And that is why you have the CRM in place developed by many different vendors to make life easy for you.

We will now tell you the different types of CRM Software that are available. There are mainly four main types of CRM software:

Four Main Types of CRM Software

Below we are going to list different types of CRM and their benefits

Conversation CRM

Conversation CRM
Conversation CRM

This type of CRM is mainly based on capturing conversations that happen between your team and your customers or clients. When your team or a client sends an email to the CRM, it captures that email and stores in that particular customer or client’s database on the CRM. In that way, when you are looking at the customer’s or client’s details on the CRM, you will also be able to find what conversation has been sent or received. 

Conversation CRM’s turn all those emails going around in your organization within your team or between your customers in one organized location. This keeps you in touch with the most important people who matter to you the most.

Leads CRM

Leads CRM
Leads CRM

The leads CRM are the most popular CRM available in the market. At the end of the day, business is what matters the most, which helps you achieve what you wanted, and these CRM’s put leads in the front so that the deal could be closed.

The Leads CRM basically considers your potential customers as a Lead, add information as you work with your customer to sell your product or service and then turn that information into a deal since they have decided to buy your product or services.

The Leads CRM helps you keep all the steps from the beginning till the end so you can later go in and check what kind of conversation had happened between which customer.

Contact CRM

Contract CRM
Contract CRM

Contact CRM’s help you gather as much as information from the customer as possible, to kind of add a human touch to your conversation with the customer through the system. 

Contact CRM’s help you capture data like birthdays, anniversary, or even data for a lunch which you had with your customer’s the last time.

These CRM’s are the cheapest in pricing when compared to the other CRM’s available in the market since they are focused on small data and mostly help you capture the smallest information which does make a big difference in your business.

Marketing CRM

Marketing CRM
Marketing CRM

These types of CRM help you do something automatically with all the data that you keep collecting. Marketing CRM’s are like a mixture of all the above CRM’s so you have more control over the data that you have stored from all the CRM’s. These CRM’s do a lot of functionality and give you the output that you desire. 

Marketing CRM’s are hence more expensive but it is worth the use.

The conclusion to the Types of CRM

The key is to have CRM used as a productive tool and not become a burden on the people using it. CRM’s are there to help people do their jobs faster and efficiently. You do not need to keep writing down what conversation you had with any of the customer’s or client’s, if you have a CRM, use it to do that.

Let us know if you think there are more types of CRM and we will be happy to include it on our page here.

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