How to vLookup in a different workbook in Excel

How to use vlookup

How to vlookup in a different workbook in Excel is a video demonstration that will help you to understand how to use excel vlookup to look for values from a different workbook or outside the current work.

By the end of this video, you should be familiar with how set we lookup formula to fetch values from other word books on your computer using V lookup.

As this demonstration contains two workbooks we recommend you to download both of them using the links listed below.

If you plan to practice and follow along with me in this demonstration, kindly ensure to download put the workbooks on your computer.

Download free Excel database xlsx format

If you are considering to practice more you may download free Excel database in xlsx format using the link below.

How to Apply vLookup

If you have downloaded both the workbooks you should now be ready to begin. We will start typing in the vlookup function in the “book one” inside the cell B2 of “see it” sheet. We are trying to lookup for the value in cell A2 i.e. the employee ID. We want vLookup to lookup that value in the table available on the employees worksheet of book 2. The value that we want is full name which is in the column D. And the value we are using as a key is employee ID which is in the column A. So our selection will be from column A to column D. As we Desire full name to be fetched if the value for employee ID is found, we will insert number 4 in the column index value as column D is the fourth column on the selection span i.e column A to column D. Finally we end the vLookup formula with zero as the fourth argument as we want the exact value to be found. Our vLookup formula will look something like the following.

=VLOOKUP(A2, '[VLookup in Differrent Workbook - Lookup Data.xlsx]Employees'!$A:$D, 4, 0)

How vLookup works – vLookup Function Explained

how to apply vlookup in excel

Let us explore the function in detail. We requested vLookup to look for the value in cell A2, in the workbook “VLookup in Different Workbook – Lookup Data.xlsx” which is enclosed in angle brackets followed with the name of worksheet “Employees”. The name of the workbook and worksheet is enclosed in single quotations followed with an exclamation mark and the references to the range to lookup. We now have the third argument which is the column index value where we are requesting vLookup to fetch a value from the fourth column as the full name is listed in the fourth column of the selection span. We are now ending the formula with zero as the fourth argument as we require the exact result. If we press enter now, we should get the name of the employee with their respective employee ID we were trying to lookup.

how to do a vlookup

How to use vlookup formula – Video Demonstration

If you desire to watch and learn how to use vlookup in excel, here is a quick demonstration on how to do vlookup in excel.

how to use vlookup in excel step by step

Click on the following button to download the file used in the demo to practice along with us.

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