Best CRM App for Small Business

In this article, we are going to talk about the best CRM for small businesses. It could be a sales CRM software for a small business or even an online CRM for small business, no matter what kind of CRM software you are looking for a small business. 

The biggest hurdle for a small business is growing. Growth is the main thing a small business keeps focusing on, like acquiring more customers, hiring more employees, and generating more income. In order to do all these, you should make sure that your business is streamlined so that everything falls into the right place, and that is why CRM solutions for small business comes very helpful.

If you have read our past article, you know by now, the Benefits of Customer Relationship Management, so you understand why a CRM software is helpful. We recommend you read that article before proceeding with this one.

For a small business enterprise, the main focus is revenue/income, which is what they should be focusing on. 

So, what should a small business look for in CRM software?


Since small business is low on a budget (which is natural), should always look for the most cost-efficient options no matter what the tool is they are looking for. In this article, we are providing a couple of selected budget-friendly essential CRM software for small businesses, some of which are even free to use.

Integrates with other Tools

The Best CRM software for small businesses is the ones that can blend with all your different tools and software that can accumulate data and process them to provide you with the ultimate results so that you do not have to worry about getting another CRM.

Easy to Learn

Before you get a CRM for your business, you will also have to consider if it is easy to learn and your team to acquire the functionalities so that they can use it at ease. You do not like investing a lot of time in training and expert meetings when you acquire a CRM tool for your small business.


Whether it is a basic CRM tool for small business or the best CRM app for small businesses, you should always make sure that it is easily customizable so that you do not have to worry about how you use it. Most of the best CRM solutions for small businesses provide a lot of customizable options so that it becomes things easier for you while you use it. Still, you have to make sure you select the best customer relationship management for small businesses.

Customer Support

Customer support also issues when it comes to supporting for you and your team working on it so that you should have sufficient help in getting you up and running.

In short, small businesses are latecomers to the customer relationship management, so they have the benefit of avoiding the mistakes which the early adopters did.

Some of the Top CRM for small retail business

Salesmate CRM

With Salesmate CRM, you can spend up the sales process and offer customers a personalized experience. Salesmate CRM manages your contacts effectively and keeps track of all related sales activities. A good CRM for small businesses makes you work flexibly and understand your needs. 

Salesmate CRM
Salesmate CRM

Features of Salesmate CRM

Contact Management – Salesmate effectively manages your contacts and relationships with your customers/clients. You can easily import or capture your leads, enhance them, track all conversations and activities, and have informed conversations with better insights.

Sales Pipeline – With Salesmate you can quickly view, organize, and follow-up your complex sales process to close more deals in less time.

Smart Emails – With the help of Salesmate CRM you will get to know what happens to your emails after you hit the Send button. You also have the option to build new email templates and measure the performances of your emails to get actionable insights to optimize your sales process.

Mobile CRM – Salesmate CRM works on both iOS and Android platforms so you can install Salesmate on your smartphone and keep a track of all the activities on the go.

Customizations – Salesmate CRM provides a lot of customizations to fit your company needs and help you and get your things done quickly hence improving sales.

Integrations – Salesmate CRM comes with integrations to save your time by allowing you to connect your favorite apps and streamline business processes.

Activity Management – Salesmate CRM keeps track of what is happening and what needs to be done to drive more sales and increase collaboration.

Product Management – Salesmate CRM enables you to customize the information related to your products and keeps a track of everything that you sell.

Plans and Packages of Salesmate CRM

You can enjoy amazing features with Salesmate affordable subscription plans. You have the option to try a salesmate free for 15 days and after your trial period is over, you can pick the best-suited plan for your small business. 

Salesmate CRM Annual Plans

Salesmate CRM Annual Plans
Salesmate CRM Annual Plans as on 02/Dec/2019

Salesmate CRM Monthly Plans

Salesmate CRM Monthly Plans
Salesmate CRM Monthly Plans as on 02/Dec/2019

As a small business, you would appreciate flexibility & scalability and the salesmate understands all those.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is one of the top CRM for small businesses. Although Zoho CRM can be used in a large scale enterprise too it is also very useful and one of the best online CRM for small businesses. It offers a lot of useful features which as a small business would be really helpful and it comes in handy as you grow too. Zoho CRM offers you information on user website visitor tracking, lead scoring and sales signals and much more.

Zoho CRM
Zoho CRM

Special Features of Zoho CRM

SalesForce Automation – Zoho CRM helps you automate routine tasks like sales, marketing, etc that take up much valuable time from your daily schedule. Zoho CRM helps you create optimized workflows that help you reduce manual entry and speed up your overall process.

Process Management – Zoho CRM helps your sales team find out what their next move should to be at any given moment. You have the option to define your sales process so that your team can follow what you have set.

Omnichannel – Zoho CRM offers you the option to have conversations with your customers and possible prospects. You get notifications when someone communicates with your brand, whether they are just browsing your website/blog or talking about your products on social media so you know what is happening with your stuff and where.

Performance Management – Zoho CRM helps you accelerate your sales team productivity with accurate forecasts of potential income and expenditure. Zoho CRM uses Artificial Intelligence to prioritize your leads and track visitors to your website so you can convert more prospects. Zoho CRM has launched a new tool named ZIA (an AI assistant) that can help you manage your CRM data. ZIA helps you stay on top of every activity with the newest team member.

Customization – Every business is different in its own way, and Zoho CRM understands that and helps you combine various features to mold your CRM to fit your business. Each and every aspect under Zoho CRM can be customized to suit your needs.

Marketing Automation – Zoho CRM helps you get your marketing and sales team on the same page. Both the teams get to know what each of them is working on and coordinate seamlessly.

Security – Zoho CRM has one of the top security features. Zoho CRM understands that every organization needs to have the right balance between protecting their customer’s data and giving employees the freedom to get their work done.

Plans and Packages of Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM provides a 15 days free trial period. Zoho CRM also provides a totally FREE package for three users.

 Zoho CRM Annual Pricing

Zoho CRM Annual Pricing as on 02/Dec/2019

Zoho CRM Monthly Pricing

Zoho CRM Monthly Pricing as on 02/Dec/2019


Salesforce CRM is one of the best customer management software for small businesses. Salesforce CRM is also one of the widely used CRM software on the world wide web. Salesforce CRM has advanced contact manager that includes email integration, and customization.

Salesforce CRM
Salesforce CRM

Special Features of Salesforce CRM

Contact Management – Salesforce CRM helps you know every contact in your customer accounts. It helps you pull in social data for a deeper view of your customers/clients. Salesforce CRM helps you prepare for customer/client meetings while on the go.

Opportunity Management – Salesforce CRM helps you manage all your sale deals by staying connected to the people and gather the information you need to close every sale from anywhere.

Lead Management – Salesforce CRM gives you the opportunity to convert more leads into actual opportunities. Salesforce CRM helps you route and assign leads to the right people. It also helps you track marketing campaigns across all channels.

Salesforce Mobile – Salesforce CRM can be downloaded on your smartphones with the complete CRM solution that lets you sell everywhere. It helps you manage your day on a single, unified app and also collaborate with your team more efficiently.

Email Integration – You will be able to sell smarter from your inbox with Salesforce email integration. You have the option to work from your inbox using the email applications you already know. Salesforce CRM assists you to stay on top of every deal by automatically syncing and tracking everything with your CRM data.

Sales Forecasting – Salesforce CRM helps you get a real-time view of your teams’ forecast, including in-line forecast adjustments, and override visibility up and down the management hierarchy. You get an accurate view of your entire business with comprehensive forecasts. You will also be able to track your top team performers. 

Workflow and Approvals – Salesforce CRM helps you design and run your business with point and click simplicity using workflows. It helps you manage success with flexible approval processes for deal discounts, expenses and more. Salesforce CRM helps you set your business processes and approval requests to be finished automatically. It also helps you simplify the approval process to keep deals in motion.

Data Management – Salesforce CRM helps you boost the power and reliability of the Sales cloud with powerful data cleaning tools. You get the right data in the right place and improve your results.

Plans and Packages of Salesforce CRM

There are different plans and packages in Salesforce CRM, you have the options to get fully customizable sales tools for any size team. Salesforce provides you with complete customer support on a single platform and it has separate marketing prices that will help you find more leads and keep the pipeline moving with B2B marketing automation.

All the above packages are billed annually by Salesforce.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is also in the top lists for the best customer management software for small businesses. It offers a lot of those big features like custom appointments, drag-and-drop marketing automation. The unique thing about the Agile CRM is that it supports widgets, a large library of plugins, API Powered integrations and more.

Agile CRM
Agile CRM

Special Features of Agile CRM

Marketing Automation – Agile CRM has a designer tool that enables you and your team to define workflows and build multi-step marketing campaigns. Agile CRM has web engagement capabilities for creating custom pop-ups and web forms and also conduct surveys. Agile CRM can easily integrate social media into campaigns and contact views and also help get your web traffic analysis. It has a built-in tool for email marketing, tracking, and mobile marketing as well. 

Sales Automation – Agile CRM presents a complete contact management system. You have the option to view everything about contact or client. It shows you a graphical timeline of customer contact activities, such as exchange of emails, website/blog visits, social updates and more. It gives your clients/customers to create events for calls, sales meetings, and sales demo. Agile CRM allows your customers and team to create deal tracks, manage tasks and create simple reports.

Next-Gen Solutions, Plugins & More – Agile CRM can integrate with most of the telephony applications. Users can automate invites, schedules and also perform follow-ups. It combines the best solution for small businesses. It has a lot of plugins that you can customize according to your needs and requirements that support your business.

Plans and Packages of Agile CRM

Agile CRM offers three premium plans for different business sizes and a number of contracts. Agile CRM gives a free package for 10 users. You also have different packages.

Agile CRM Free Pack

Agile CRM Pricing as on 02/Dec/2019

Agile CRM Starter Pack

Agile CRM Pricing as on 02/Dec/2019

Agile CRM Regular Pack

Agile CRM Pricing as on 02/Dec/2019

Agile CRM Enterprise Pack

Agile CRM Pricing as on 02/Dec/2019


HubSpot is one of the free best CRM for small business 2019. It offers a completely free version of its CRM software that is also one of the best CRM for small retail businesses. All the basic features provided by CRM software are available in HubSpot allowing you to keep track of all your companies activities. You can also use this CRM tool to boost your inbound sales. The unique feature of HubSpot is that it offers several integration options with poplar apps like SalesForce, Shopify and Microsoft Dynamics.

Special Features of HubSpot CRM

Log and Track Emails – There are extensions, that when you install will allow you to track and log emails on HubSpot sales. You will receive a pop-up instantly when an email is opened. HubSpot easily creates email templates and track them, so you know which idea will work and which will go into a toss.

Documents Tool – HubSpot allows you to build a library of all marketing and sales content for your entire team and easily keep updating them as and when anything changes. You have the option to link the content to your emails. Documents are publicly shared, so the tool should NOT be used to send sensitive or confidential information.

Create Email Templates – You can create custom email templates that you can use anytime so that you can save so much time and hassle by using a template for your emails.

Create & Share Meeting Links – Researchers say that professional burns up to nearly 5 hours per week scheduling meetings. With HubSpot, you can easily skip back and forth as you schedule meetings. You also have the option to share your Meetings link with contacts right from your email or HubSpot CRM or even embed it on your website/blog.

Add Videos to your Emails – Videos get noticed. Videos increase email conversations by 500% or more. Consider a video that includes information unique to your target. Even short videos can help.

Enroll contacts in a sequence – HubSpot helps you set a sequence of emails to be sent out to your contacts to automate your follow-up. It is simple and utilizes the power of well-timed, repeated contact.

Plans and Packages of HubSpot CRM

HubSpot offers 100% FREE and includes some features for an unlimited amount of time, but they are packages that are available for purchase. You can get access to HubSpot’s FREE marketing, sales, customer service and contact management tools in HubSpot CRM.

Packages Available for Purchase – Starter Pack – $50 per month | Basic Pack – Starts at $200 per month | Professional Pack – Starts at $800 per month | Enterprise Pack – Starts at $2400 per month

HubSpot CRM Annual Pricing

HubSpot CRM Annual Pricing
HubSpot CRM Annual Pricing as on 02/Dec/2019

HubSpot CRM Monthly Pricing

HubSpot CRM Monthly Pricing
HubSpot CRM Monthly Pricing as on 02/Dec/2019


Freshsales CRM comes in on one of the top sales software for small businesses. Freshsales CRM helps you and your team AI-based lead scoring, built-in phone, email, activity capture, and much more. Freshsales allows you to automatically capture your website/blog visitors as sales leads and group them based on their commitment to your site.

Special Features of Freshsales CRM

Use built-in phone and Email – Freshsales allows you to make calls, send targeted emails, and get in touch with your possibilities in just one click.

Find the best Sales Leads – Freshsales allows you to surface your potential leads.

Have Relevant Conversation – Deep dive into a potential engagement level, get the context, and plan your conversations accordingly. Freshsales allows you to find every sales interaction and track your buyer’s journey in one centralized location, so nothing is missed.

Get smarter with Email – Freshsales allows you to stay on your toes with real-time alerts on email opens, link clicks, and more. Freshsales helps you know who is most interested in what that you are selling/services and smartly target your next set of activities.

Manage Sales Pipeline better – Freshsales gives you a visual sales pipeline where you can easily track the progress of your deals. You can also add tasks, set up meetings, send emails, and even make calls. Freshsales also allows you to filter deals by the individual reps who are handling the particular products or services.

Plans and Packages of Freshsales CRM

Freshsales provides a FREE FOREVER startup plan with Unlimited Users, Unlimited Contacts, and Unlimited Support. You may also purchase more features plans. The names are a little environmentally friendly, but here you go.

Free Plan of Freshsales CRM

Freshsales Pricing as on 02/Dec/2019

Plans of Freshsales CRM

Base CRM

Now known as Zendesk Sell. Base CRM is now called Zendesk Sell. Base CRM helps you enhance productivity, processes, and pipeline visibility for the sales team. The Best CRM for small retail business was formerly known as Base CRM, but Zendesk Sell acquired them due to their best in the market features and products they provide.

Base CRM
Base CRM – now Zendesk Sell

Special Features of Zendesk Sell

All-in-One Sales Platform – Zendesk Sell helps you manage your sales process and customer relationships. You have smarter and more seamless communication tools embedded for your comfort.

Integrate – Zendesk Sell provides a seamless connection to sell by using the tools you love with out-of-the-box integrations. Zendesk Sell API’s and SDK’s give the foundation to set your integration.

Prospects – Zendesk Sell’s comprehensive prospecting suite complete with lead discovery, enrichment, and Intelligent recommendations by the application itself helps you to take the pain out of prospects. Zendesk Sell provides you the option to create targeted prospect lists, identify the right professionals within each account, and seamlessly prospect across multiple channels.

Powering Customer Success – From a completely customized implementation to world-class support, Zendesk Sell can get all that done. Zendesk Sell provides you with Hands-on assistance with projects like process mapping and success benchmarking to ensure that your project implementation goes off without a hitch.

MarketPlace – Zendesk Sell has pre-built integrations that increase productivity and extend its impact beyond sales. Zendesk Sell provides a unified sales and support experience.

Plans and Packages of Zendesk Sell CRM

Zendesk Sell offers four different types of packages for its users.

For Team – $19 per user/month | For Professional – $49 per user/month | For Enterprise – $99 per user/month | Elite – $199 per user/month. And all these are billed Annually.

Zendesk Sell CRM
Zendesk Sell CRM Pricing as on 02/Dec/2019

Zendesk Sell offers a full feature comparison chart & pricing guide and you can find that in the link below.

The conclusion to the Best CRM App for Small Business

So with the above read, you now know about the several options you have in the market for selecting one of the Best CRM App for Small Business. Like always, we recommend you try it out first before investing a huge amount on it. You will always need to keep a few things in mind before you make your final decision like implementation process and customer support, the ease of use of the CRM application and of course go with the one which is the most secured.

The conclusion to the Best CRM App for Small Business
The conclusion to the Best CRM App for Small Business

We are going to work more on this and keep this article updated as and when we finish on our research, So do stay tuned for more.

As always, let us know if you have more and we get that here for you so that you have everything in one place.

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