WooCommerce Paid Payment Gateways

WooCommerce payment gateways is a topic which we spoke about in the last article of My Knowledge Portal. Today we are going to discuss WooCommerce Payment Gateways, which are some of the best in the market, but they also come with a price tag on them. However, they are some of the best payment gateways or rather let us put it this way that they are some of the best WordPress payment gateway plugins available in the market for you to use.


SnapScan is one of the best WordPress Payment Gateway plugins that is available on the world wide web out there. SnapScan is a mobile payment solution that makes things easy and safe to pay & receive payments on your website, online, or even at home while you are on the go. SnapScan is just a simple payment with a snap.

SnapScan is a South African product made and developed in South Africa, and it allows South African users to check out quicker and more securely with a scan or tap via their card details stored on their smartphones. 


Features of SnapScan

  • Fast and Easy Signup – SnapScan does not ask you a lot of questions before you sign up for it. It is a swift and easy signup process.
  • Simple Integration – SnapScan can easily be integrated with your smart device so that you can make payments faster, and you do not need to enter your card details every time you make payment.
  • QR code – SnapScan offers its customers with a QR Code where you can scan the code with your smart device to make the payment.
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly – SnapScan is pretty quick, when we used it, we really found it surprising since it is not a massive plugin which is integrated. It has a very user-friendly interface for mobile devices or tablets.

Plans and Packages for SnapScan

SnapScan comes for $29 for a single site integration | $79 for five sites | $129 for 25 sites.

Affirm Payment Gateway

Affirm is another one of the best Payment Gateway for WordPress. The unique feature Affirm provides is that you buy now and pay later. With Affirm, you can offer quick, simple, and transparent financing options that allow shoppers to pay overtime for the purchases they made.

Affirm Payment Gateway
Affirm Payment Gateway

Features of Affirm Payment Gateway

  • Shopping Cart Software – Affirm provides a shopping cart software that is like a virtual cart where customers can add products from your website before checking out. Affirm Payment Gateway comes with a 3D cart that has everything your business needs to grow.
  • Modern Store Design – The 3D cart software that comes with Affirm has eCommerce templates built-in that is entirely responsive to mobile devices also, and it does not have any latency if you have a lot of products added to your cart before you do the final check-out.
  • Order Management System – Affirm provides you with an at-a-glance order status in a convenient dashboard, which shows you all the information on one single page.
  • You are in control – Pick the financing options that suit your budget. You will know precisely what you have to pay, and Affirm has no hidden charges.

Plans and Packages of Affirm Payment Gateway

Affirm has a price, though, and it is billed Annually.

$49 – Single Site | $99 – Five Sites | $149 – Twenty Five Sites

Payson Form

Payson is another WooCommerce Payment Processing plugin, which is one on top of the list of WooCommerce Payment Gateways. Payson allows you to make payments via Visa, MasterCard, and some Swedish Online Banks. 

Payson Form
Payson Form

Features of Payson Form

  • Payson Checkout – Payson Checkout is designed to maximize the number of conversions. Payson Form has a new and fast payment method since all the unnecessary steps have been discarded. To increase your sales.
  • Easy Administration – Payson gives you the option to keep track of the development of your online shop easily. You have the opportunity to check sales with smart choices that Payson Form is providing you.
  • Grow with Payson – Payson says, they will reduce their fee as and when your online shop is growing and your sale increases. They also provide you with more and better opportunities to market your products free of charge and other value-added assistance to boost your sales.

Plan and Packages of Payson Form

You have three different packages from Payson Form, which are billed annually.

$79 – Single Site | $99 – Five Sites | $199 – Twenty Five Sites

Sage Pay

Sage Pay is another popular payment gateway plugin developed by WooCommerce with more than 15 years of market experience. Sage Pay was basically designed in the UK from being a small company to one of the major payment gateways across Europe in current times.

Sage Pay allows you to collect face-to-face amounts through card terminals. 

Sage Pay
Sage Pay

Features of Sage Pay

  • Security – Sage Pay is the most secure and robust with a 99.9% uptime, and industry-leading fraud instruments at no extra cost are provided. 
  • Customers – Sage Pay is proud of themselves since they have maintained a good customer relationship by delivering the best, and that is why they are the #1 payment provider with a 5-star rating at Trustpilot.
  • Your Business, Your Way – Sage Pay has an independent gateway. This means you can use your own merchant account and anything that best suits your business needs. 
  • Growth – Sage Pay makes sure that you receive funds in your bank account within two working days. This gives you good cash flow and the opportunity to grow.

Plans and Packages of Sage Pay

To connect the Sage Pay plugin to your WordPress website, you have the below options

$79 – Single Site | $99 – 5 Sites | $199 – 25 Sites

WooCommerce Mollie

WooCommerce Mollie is another best plugin for WordPress as it quickly integrates with all primary payment methods in WooCommerce, wherever you need them. It is pretty straightforward for you to start adding this plugin to your WooCommerce webshop. You do not need to spend weeks on paperwork or security compliance procedures. 

WooCommerce Mollie
WooCommerce Mollie

Features of Mollie

  • Time-Saving – Mollie provides you with personalized payments and easier accounting so you get to decide how you can manage your payment process.
  • Pay what you Use – Mollie only allows you to pay for what you use. No hidden charges and a shallow and transparent fee structure for every transaction you make.
  • Use Paysafecard – Customers also get the option to pay via the Paysafecard on your website; the amount will get deducted from their paysafecard. Customers have the option to pay via multiple paysafecards.
  • Use iDEAL – iDEAL works directly with ten large banks in the Netherlands to provide inexpensive, secure payments. The customer has to choose the right bank and is taken to iDEAL to make a secure payment via Mollie.
  • SOFORT – Mollie gives you the option to accept your payments via SOFORT for eleven countries.
  • Fraud Detection Service – Mollie has a great Fraud Detection Service for both you and your customers.

Plans and Packages of Mollie

To subscribe to Mollie on your webpage, you have the below options. $79 for Single Site | $99 for five sites | $199 for 25 Sites


RazorPay is another best WooCommerce Payment Gateway we tested out during our research. With RazorPay, you have the most straightforward integration, completely online onboarding, features filled checkout, and the best in the class performance that we felt during our test on RazorPay.


Features of RazorPay

  • Checkout – RazorPay provides you with a cross-platform payment that can be embedded using a single code. With the help of RazorPay Checkout, you can spend time building great products since it takes care of unnecessary things like validation, etc. All the necessary redirections are handled within a single pop-up, so that means that the customer never leaves your website/blog.
  • Dashboard – RazorPay dashboard gives you access to manage all the options from the beginning till the end of every payment. You have the opportunity to view important metrics and customized reports. You can also refund transactions from the dashboard by just one-click.
  • Get Mobile – RazorPay is available for both iOS and Android platforms. Your customer does not need to switch to the messaging app when he receives an OTP.
  • Robust Security – RazorPay has the industry-standard 100% PCI DSS Compliant & Certified solution. You do not need to have an HTTPS secured site since RazorPay takes care of all this.

Plans and Packages of RazorPay

For integrating this payment gateway in your WooCommerce website, you have two plans; Standard Plan and an Enterprise Plan. In the Standard Plan, you have no Setup Fee and no Annual Maintenance Fee; however, you are required to pay 2% per transaction for some of the Indian cards and 3% for Diners, Amex, and International Cards. For the Enterprise Plan, please get in touch with RazorPay themselves, so they can help you with this.


FirstData is another paid payment gateway for WooCommerce, which is developed by SkyVerge. You basically need a FirstData Merchant account and an SSL certificate on your website/blog to make sure your customer’s credit card information is safe.


Features of FirstData

  • Enhanced Payment – FirstData uses an improved payment form with retina icons that automatically detect and format card types.
  • Triple-DES and DUKPT PIN – FirstData supports Triple-DES and DUKPT PIN encryption.
  • Mobile Store – FirstData provides an easy-to-use online and mobile store.
  • Payment Solutions for Maximum Performance – FirstData makes payment transactions secure and easy for merchants, financial institutions, and their customers. 
  • E-POS Systems – FirstData has built a range of Electronic Point of Sale systems, which are custom made for sectors such as health and beauty, hospitality, and retail stores. 
  • The Clover Station – This is FirstData’s flagship model, having an 11.6-inch HD swivel neck touchscreen, fingerprint login, a built-in camera and a barcode scanner, a smart receipt printer with a 4.3-inch screen and NFC payment and a backup battery.

Plans and Packages of FirstData

To have FirstData plugin to your WooCommerce you need to pay $79 for Single Site | $99 for five sites | $199 for 25 sites.


With the help of this plugin, the global payment procession solution to both Small Businesses and Enterprise Organizations becomes very easy. WorldPay has a robust payment processing solution that can be customed to fit your needs. WorldPay gives you the flexibility you need to quickly adapt and implement combinations of payment methods and configure to cater to the way your customers want to pay. 


Features of WorldPay 

  • Account Updater – When your customer’s payment info is placed in your vault, WorldPay verifies that the system of record contains accurate payment information.
  • CAT kiosks – You as a merchant are able to use unattended, computer-assisted terminal kiosks to offer products and take payments anywhere your customer wants to shop.
  • Digital Wallets – Your online customers can check on any device and pay with their credentials using Visa Checkout. 
  • Descriptors – You can submit unique business names and MCC codes for each different transaction, which helps customers with detail on their receipts, invoices and monthly statements.

Plans and Packages of WorldPay

To have this, WorldPay plugin to your WooCommerce you need to pay $79 for Single Site | $99 for five sites | $199 for 25 sites.

USA ePay

Another pretty good WooCommerce plugin we came across was the USA ePay; it provides a completely integrated checkout experience between WooCommerce and USA ePay. USA ePay allows the payments to be carried out on your website/blog, so you have the option to customize how your payments are going to work and what the checkout looks like.

USA ePay
USA ePay

Features of USA ePay

  • Mobile – USA ePay provides advanced technology to suit the mobile payment needs of any type of business. Available for Android and iOS.
  • Retail – USA ePay has a partnership with POS solutions for any type of business that is accepting cash, cheque, credit, or debit cards. You can find all the answers or simple card readers through USA ePay partners.
  • ECommerce – USA ePay works with several popular shopping carts that allow you to accept credit cards through their websites.
  • Mail/Telephone Order – USA ePay’s MOTO (Mail Order, Telephone Order) payment processing services allow you to process secure payments via mail or telephone order with the customizations you need.
  • Merchant Console – USA ePay Merchant console features innovative capabilities and streamlined functionalities. It gives you an optimized user experience for managing batches, setting up fraud modules, customizing reports, and processing transactions.
  • Vertical Market – USA ePay provides custom made solutions for hospitality, transportation, collections as well as event ticketing, and other types of different industries.

Plans and Packages of USA ePay

To have this, USA ePay plugin to your WooCommerce, you need to pay $79 for Single Site | $99 for five sites | $199 for 25 sites.


Elavon is another largest merchant service providers in the United States of Ameria. Elavon offers large items of merchant services solutions to all types of businesses, whether small or large enterprises. You get Secure Payment and ACH processing for WooCommerce with Elavon Converge plugin installed on your website/blog. Elavon includes full support for WooCommerce Subscriptions and WooCommerce Pre-Orders. They have a new version 2.0, which adds a lot of excellent payment processing tools.


Features of Elavon

  • POS Systems – Elavon offers pretty good card machines, so you can efficiently complete a face-to-face transaction. 
  • Loyalty Card Integration – There is an eCommerce platform that is available as an extra for an additional fee that is called Elavon’s Converge Pack. You would probably need this unless your business is purely a face-to-face one.
  • Online Reports – You have the option to analyze card transactions, chargebacks, and funding activity.
  • Anti-Fraud Measures – Elavon’s Payment services meet PCI Compliance and feature a 3D secure, which helps you and your customers stay away from Fraud.
  • Customer Support – Since Elavon is a pretty big organization, they can offer 24/7 customer support services, so you can get in touch with them whenever you have any doubts or queries.

Plans and Packages of Elavon

To have Elavon plugin to your WooCommerce, you need to pay 

$79 for Single Site | $99 for five sites | $199 for 25 sites.

The conclusion to the WooCommerce Paid Payment Gateways

The conclusion to the WooCommerce Paid Payment Gateways

We have now come to a halt for the paid payment gateways that we have tested and researched on, however, there are many more payment gateways that are still available in the market and all of them kind of have the same functionalities. If we come across any other payment gateway, we will surely update this article with that info, or if you would like us to add more for a payment gateway you have used or still using, it would be nice to share below with all of us.

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