Google Sheets Spreadsheet – Getting Started

google sheets tutorial

Google Docs Spreadsheet – Overview

Getting started with Google sheets Spreadsheet video demonstration helps you to get a quick introduction about Google Spreadsheet. With the help of this video demonstration, you should get familiar with how to start a Google docs spreadsheet and the workspace of Google sheet.

By the end of this google sheets tutorial, you shall be aware of how to create a folder in Google Drive and how to start a new Google sheet. Click here to see a video demonstration.

Google Sheets Tutorial – Lets Roll!

To begin with Google drive sheets, you need to have a Google account, either personal or professional. With the Google account in hand, you should navigate to Upon launching Google Drive, you shall see a Windows similar to the one displayed below this line.

Google Sheets Spreadsheet
Google Sheets Spreadsheet

In this window on the left side, you shall see a panel from where you can navigate around the different parts of your Google Drive. On the right-hand side, you shall see the list of files and folders. For reference, see the highlighted section in the image below. 

Google Sheets Spreadsheet
Google Sheets Spreadsheet

You may right-click on your mouse in the blank area to create a new folder or upload files from your computer or create any supporting documents on Google Drive. You can also click on the new button on the upper left side, as highlighted in the image below, to perform these actions.

As we are aiming to learn Google sheets, we shall create a new folder and name it G Sheets. We now double click on the folder, and inside the folder, use the right click of the mouse and click on Google Sheets. The Google spreadsheet app shall now launch a google spreadsheet online. Each time a Google spreadsheet starts, it has an untitled spreadsheet on the name and a single Google spreadsheet by default.

You can click on the untitled spreadsheet on the upper left side and enter your desired name. On the lower left side, you have a plus icon to add additional sheets to your Google spreadsheet workbook. Right next to the plus icon, there is a toggle button you can use to navigate between multiple sheets on your Google docs spreadsheet.

The vertical sections are referred to as columns, and the horizontal sections are referred to as rows. The boxes are referred to as cells. Each cell has its own address. For example, C5 is located on column C and row five intersection. See the image below for reference.

Google Sheets Spreadsheet
Google Sheets Spreadsheet

On the top, you have a standard set of menu. We shall explore these menus in more detail as we move along with the course. In case you are stuck or need help with the Google spreadsheet app, click on the help menu and type the topic or item for help. You may click on sheets help Menu Option. The sheets help Menu option launches the inline window where you can search for any topic for help. Towards the end of this window, you have browse all articles and visit help forum links. Browse all articles link contains a variety of articles for Google docs sheets that you can use to get along with any of the topics of Google spreadsheets. Visit help forum, on the other hand, helps you to raise any question you may have or any topic that you do not find in the help articles. The queries are answered by experts from Google and other community members.

Google Sheets Tutorial – Video Demonstration

Google Sheets Online – Video Demonstration


This article was a very quick introduction to the Google Sheets spreadsheet. In the upcoming articles, we cover a wide variety of Google spreadsheet topics with the help of Google sheets tutorials, so stay tuned and subscribe if you haven’t already.

We hope you find this article useful. In case you are stuck and or need help, feel free to drop a comment below or submit your question. Do share it further and add your feedback about the article in the comments section.

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  1. love the call out on the help interface, google sheets has done a really good job of clearly documenting their basic functions and interfaces. Crazy how many people just forget that sometimes the best solution to your problem is to just look up the answer haha.


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