WordPress Admin Panel

WordPress Admin Panel is an article where we are going to talk about how to administer your WordPress websites/blogs seamlessly.

We recommend you check out the video below so that you get to learn on WordPress Admin panel. In this video, we are going to cover the below topics.

  • WordPress Admin Area
  • Different sections in the WordPress Admin Console

Before you start watching the below video, we recommend that you install WordPress on your local machine so that you know where the basic starts from.

Click on THIS link to know how to install WordPress and different ways of installing WordPress.

WordPress Admin Panel – Video Demonstration

Conclusion to WordPress Admin Panel

By watching this video, we hope you have learned how stuff works on the WordPress Admin Panel and you should also by now know the navigation on the WordPress Admin panel.

We hope you find this article useful. In case you are stuck and or need help, feel free to drop a comment below or submit your question. Do share it further and add your feedback about the article in the comments section.

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