Rounding Day, Hour and Minutes in Excel

Rounding Day, Hour and Minutes in Excel

With round day, hours, and minutes in Excel demonstration, I will help you you to learn rounding the numbers (day/minute/hour) to the nearest day, hour or minute in Excel. In this video demonstration, we will be using two functions of Excel. Round function to round to the closest value and MRound function to round with […]

Find Quarter in Excel

Calculate Quarter in Excel

How to find quarters in Excel is a video demonstration where we will help you to understand how you can calculate a value for quarters from any given date. With the help of this video, you will be able to learn how to extract quarter values with different scenarios of Fiscal years. Calculation of quarters […]

Calculate Time Difference in Excel

Calculate Time Difference in Excel

Calculate the difference of time in Excel with the help of this video demonstration. We have demonstrated how to calculate time differences in excel in this video with two different formats. The first format is to calculate the time difference which set of times from the same day. II format demonstrates the calculation of time […]



Datevalue and timevalue functions are designed to convert a date that is stored in a text string to a serial number recognized by Excel as a date. The date value is a handy function used in moments where you have data containing dates in a text format. With the help of this function, you would […]

Workday and Workday.INTL

Excel Workday and Workdays INTL Functions

Workday and Workdays INTL Overview Excel WORKDAY Function and Excel WORKDAY.INTL Function. In this video, we will learn how to make use of Excel Workday function. We have two variations of this function where we can use this function with a standard weekend that is Saturday and Sunday. There is another variation where we can […]

Excel Networkdays and Excel Networkdays.INTL

Excel Networkdays and Excel Networkdays.INTL

How to make use of NETWORKDAYS function Overview In this video, you will learn about how to make use of NETWORKDAYS function, and you also learn how to use NETWORKDAYS.INTL excel function. By the end of this video, you will be able to use these functions with ease and should be able to calculate the […]