Benefits of Customer Relationship Management

Benefits of Customer Relationship Management

Benefits of CRM – Overview Customer Relationship Management is a crucial part of your business. No matter what kind of products/services you offer or no matter what kind of industry or no matter what your focus is, your customers are the most valuable asset for your organization. Ideally, a CRM system should help your business […]

Joomla Admin Customization

We know you pros out there have been working on Joomla for a while now and most of you might already know this but this article we would like to show how you can customize your Joomla Admin Page with your own branding and cool stuff.  In this article, what we will show you is […]

Install WordPress on Server and Locally

Install WordPress Locally – Install WordPress cPanel

In today’s segment, we are going to talk about how to install WordPress locally on your system without the dependency of a server and on the server itself. A lot of people use WordPress as their tool for developing their website/blog and installing WordPress is one of the basic steps that they need to start […]

Excel Count Functions

How to use Excel Count Functions

Overview of Excel Functions Excel count functions or very handy and help you in a great way to deal with their assets when it comes to Counting stuff inside Excel. In this article, we are going to talk about five different count functions of Excel.  Types of Count Functions in Excel Excel COUNT Excel COUNTA […]

SumIF and SumIFS

Excel Learning – SumIF and SumIFS

In this episode of the Excel Learning Series, we are going to talk about the SumIF and SumIFS function in Excel. We also have AverageIF and AverageIFS functions in excel, however, we are not going to talk about that in today’s series but we are confident that you will be able to use them easily […]

Create a Google Drive Backup of Your WordPress Website

Google Drive Backup of Your WordPress Website

Backing up your data is one of the most important things that you should always be doing no matter where the data is, whether it is on your local desktop or your mobile phone or even and especially on the world wide web. Bad times won’t give you a call before it arrives and so […]

Hotlinking and How to Prevent it

Hotlinking and How to Prevent it

In this article, we are going to talk about what Hotlinking is and How you can prevent it. What is a Hotlink In simple terms, Hotlinking is if someone embeds your content into their website/blog using a direct URL. So they literally copy your content into their website/blog without your consent and effectively, the other […]

The Best Wordpress Cache Plugins and their Usage

The Best WordPress Cache Plugins and their Usage

When a viewer visits one of your pages on your WordPress website, they generally request a lot of information from your hosts like images, javascript, and CSS. Many WordPress users also keep complaining about their blog/site updates, not showing up instantly on their blog. We think it is really annoying to see old content even […]


Use Slack the effective way

In this segment, we are going to equip you with the basics and the best possible ways to use Slack effectively. Lets first begin by – What is Slack? In simple terms, Slack is a web-based, real-time communication tool available for systems and mobile devices. It is a secret chat and collaboration place for your […]

How to Determine the Best Email Marketing for your Business

How to Determine the Best Email Marketing for your Business

There are some invaluable things that we generally do and miss out on recognizing it, like sending an email to your fans or followers after they have left your site. To accomplish this, you need the best email marketing service; whether you have launched a new service or published a new article/blog, your emails will […]

Fifa Club World Cup Qatar 2019

This post features the FIFA Club World Cup 2019 that is going to be held in the State of Qatar. 2019 FIFA Club World Cup Qatar As far as the latest news is concerned, local fans account for 60% of the 27,896 tickets allocated in the Visa Presale for the Fifa Club World Cup Qatar […]

Joomla Sitemap XML Generator

Joomla Sitemap XML Generator

With this article, we aim to assist you to make use of Joomla Sitemap Generator. You may come across any random Joomla Sitemap Plugin, however, we would not be using any such fancy stuff for our Joomla Sitemap XML Generator. We can help you create an XML sitemap for your Joomla website if you may wondering […]