Azm Academy Learning Portal

I am writing with great Joy and Excitement to announce a New Azm Academy Learning Portal launch.

The New Azm Acamdey Learning Portal is fully ready as promised before the start of the new year.

Highlights of our new Learning Portal

  1. Complete Course Management with the capabilities to build structured courses with Units/Sections and Lessons.
  2. Full Learner Management Console
  3. Analysis reports to:
    1. Number of Courses on the portal
    2. Students enrolled in the course(s).
    3. Progress of each student by course
  4. Quiz Management Solution to build competitive quizzes more efficiently with time limits.
  5. Quiz Reports Console to observe each quiz results by students’ grades and time taken to complete the exam.

The portal is available only to the registered Azm Academy Students and Teachers.

About Syed Hussaini

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