Reset Joomla 3 Admin Password

Reset Joomla 3 Admin Password

How to reset the Joomla 3 admin password. This article is going to outline the steps that will help you to reset your Joomla 3 admin password through PHPmyAdmin. There are situations where we tend to forget the password, however, to reset the password of Joomla 3 administration area there are different ways. The scenario […]

Top 5 Forum Extensions for Joomla

Top 5 Forum Extensions for Joomla

Joomla Forum Extensions Overview Top 5 Forum Extensions for Joomla helps you to locate the most popular forum extensions of Joomla. While building a forum for your website, it is vital that you understand what you will get out of that extension you are going to use to build your forum. The Joomla forums extensions […]

How to Remove Powered by Phoca Download in Joomla 3 or 2.5

How to Remove Powered by Phoca Download in Joomla 3 or 2 5

Powered by Phoca Download appears under the Phoca Download extension of Joomla. Althgouh removing the credits “Powered by Phoca Download” is something we should avoid, we may sometimes consider cracking it down for good reasons. With the help f this article, you shall be able to remove the Powered by Phoca Download from your Joomla Phoca Download extension. Always respect […]