Jarvish – The World’s Most Advanced Motorcycle Helmet

A helmet is one of the basic necessities while you are riding a Motorcycle. It is main purpose is to keep one of your vital organs – brain, protected in case you happen to meet with an accident while you are riding, especially at high speeds. Have you ever wondered, what if you have everything […]

MyPort Power Bank

We honestly just love it when stuff fits together when different parts of the product compliment each other, and that is what exactly you get here with the MyPort 10,000 mAh Power Bank. It’s effectively a phone stand, but while your phone is on it, it uses 10W fast wireless charging to charge your phone […]

Moon by 1-Ring

Today, we are going to review the first Smart Camera to defy Gravity. Moon by 1-Ring Moon by 1-Ring Review Moon by 1-Ring is featured on Indiegogo, and you can genuinely save up to 40% when you purchase it from Indiegogo.com, but they now have their official website too, https://1-ring.net/, where you can buy Moon […]

Review of BlackPods 2

Today, we have got you a review for the Blackpods 2. The website for BlackPods 2 is https://blvcknoir.com. Honestly, the first thing we liked on the site is their caption, it says “the Full Future for Half the Cost”, which is eye-catching. The BlackPods 2 is for $59.99. These basically are a replica of the […]

Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse

Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse Let’s talk about the World’s first Wireless Scanner Mouse, named as Zcan Wireless Scanner Mouse This is a mouse for your PC but with a built-in scanner, what this device does is scans printed text from books, newspapers, magazines, or any document for that matter into an editable format in Microsoft […]

Review of the Adonit PhotoGrip Qi

The Adonit PhotoGrip Qi Review of the Adonit PhotoGrip Qi Today we bring you a review of the new Adonit PhotoGrip Qi. It is a little more than it looks at first glance. The purpose is to turn your smartphone camera experience into a more professional camera experience. It gives you an excellent grip to […]

The Marshall Stockwell II Speaker

Marshall Stockwell II is a multi-directional powerhouse speaker with a few neat tricks on top of that. Review of the Marshall Stockwell II Bluetooth Speaker The Marshall Stockwell II is built for people traveling a lot; this compact portable speaker offers 20+ hours of playtime. It weighs only 1.4 kg, so that seems pretty light […]


ONEPLUS 7T PRO MCLAREN EDITION OVERVIEW OnePlus and McLaren entered into this partnership to create a premium device by pushing Design & Performance. The OnePlus phone is for people who know what OnePlus is, and this is what OnePlus claims on their official website. So first, before we talk about the review on the OnePlus […]